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Success Stories

Shri Ram Kishore Yadav – village Kesla (Hoshangabad M.P.) - 32811210

“ Shri Ram Kishore Yadav was working as a compounder in a private Hospital at a salary of Rs.2500/- per month before joining AISECT in January 2011 by setting up a common Service Centre in village Kesla (Hoshangabad M.P.). Soon Kiosk banking services were started at the location to serve rural Adivasi population of the area. Around 11500 new customers are enrolled at the Kiosk and on an average 150 to 200 customers visit the kiosk for their banking needs from 8 am to 8 pm every day. Shri Ram Kishore Yadav is earning commission of Rs.20000-25000 per month by providing banking services in the area and has provided employment to 4 unemployed youths of the village. The banking Kiosk has enhanced his creditworthiness in the area and now Shri Yadav commands respect from the population of his village and nearby villages.

Pushpendra Singh – Village Hardoli (Rewa, M.P.) - 32810581

Shri Pushpendra Singh, an unemployed graduate from village Hardoli geographically located in block Jawa, of Rewa district which predominantly a backward and dacoit infested area. This area was totally devoid of Banking facilities and has a very poor internet connectivity. State Bank of India in collaboration with AISECT indentified the village to provide kiosk banking facilities at the location and selected Shri Pushpendra Singh as a Customer Service provider by allotting him a CSP code No. 32810581. Shri Puspendra Singh is now a self employed young man and fully motivated to serve the population by providing them banking facilities at their door step. The Kiosk was started in April 2014 and could open only 4864 accounts till PMJDY came into existence on 15.08.2014. The advent of the scheme provided a Philip to the opening of accounts and as on date the kiosk is serving a clientele of over 12000 customers and earning BC Commission of Rs.22500 to Rs.25000 per month. The Kiosks serves the population of 10 to 12 nearby villages and also far flung villages like Omerra, Jahilwar, Korva, Chetini, Dondarlohgarh and Bansau which are backward locations. Several camps were organized under PMJDY and State Bank of India distributed Rupey debit cards to the customers and Shri Pushpendra is coordinating with the branch of State bank of India for distribution of PIN to activate Rupey debit cards.

MandviSahu- Village Chandra (Tikamgarh, M.P.) -32810126

Ms. MandaviShahu age 29 years was an unemployed Graduate. She is a resident of village Chandera, which is a part of Block Jatara in the district of Tiakmgarh .This village and block, comes under the backward category of Bundelkhand. The literacy percentage of block is very less. The block /district did not have any industry .The lively hood of the people is based on agriculture only. As an eldest child and, her father did not have any major source of income she has to look after the educational requirement of her two younger brothers. In-between she came to know about the activity of AISCET Financial Inclusion and Kiosk Banking services .As she was already CSC of AISECT since Feb.2008, having the basic requirement for Kiosk center i.e. a personal computer, printer and web camera in addition to a shop at a good location she applied through AISECT for acquiring Kiosk banking. As this village is unbanked, The AISECT has accepted her proposal and requested the SBI to generate the code so that this village can be covered under the Financial Inclusion. She is allotted a Kiosk for the location Chandera and she is thank full to both the organization SBI as well AISECT to provide her an opportunity to support her father. As she is already working for the AISECT and have people’s faith in her, was able to open 3050 accounts and as on date having deposits of Rs. 25.76 Lacs in these accounts. Her constant efforts for the financial literacy among the people especially women yielded the good results. Her efforts to educate the people for savings also conceived results. She is also able to convince the people to opt for “Pradhan MantrijIvanJoytiYojna “and” Pradhan MantriSurkshaBimaYojna” number of depositors opted for these social security schemes. She also extended the support to educated the people about use of ”Rupay Debit Cards “with its benefits.

Amit Chatterji – Pipariya Mine (Balaghat, MP) - 32811549

I am Amit Chhatarji I have done the survey of the wards allotted to me by the Bank .After identifications of the family did not have any bank account ,I requested them to come to my center in this connection I have also organized camps and told to the people of the area that every family must have at least two accounts and one should be of a female member. All the customers got the “RuPay Debit card” after opening of accounts. Nevertheless, in the absence of pins these cards are not activated. I with the consent of Branch Manger decided Tuesday would be the convenient day for distribution of the pins. Accordingly, I have displayed this notice at my center and made the groups of the customers according to ward and take them to branch and as many as 8463 customers were distributed pin mailers. I also said all my customers to use the Rupay card for transactions within 45 days otherwise this card would be freeze. Further, they will also not get the benefits of insurance covers attached to this card. In addition to this I have also organized the camps for Pradhan MantriJeevanJoytiBimaYojana and Pradhan MantriSurakshaBimaYojana and got over whelming response . I canvassed and collected applications of customers for PMJJY 3216 and 6221-application for PMSBY. My efforts are continued to convince the people to opt Atal Pension Yojna for their safe and secured old age. However till date I was able to source 05 persons.

KamleshKuamr Singh – Pushprajgarh (Anuppur, M.P.) - 32810945

I am KamleshKuamr Singh my father expired when I was child of 06 years. My brought up is done by my uncle .However with my own efforts I have completed my post graduation. After completion of my graduation I started teaching job at a private school on the remuneration of Rs.700 pm. I am resident of village Pupshrajgarh that is a part of PanchayatKirgi in the district of Anoopur. This is a tribal area and population predominantly engaged in the agriculture activity. This area and block comes under category of tribal block. There is no industry in this area except agriculture. As most of the people in the area not aware about the Banking, I came across about the financial Inclusion activity of the State Bank of India through the Regional Manger of AISECT. The Regional Manager of AISECT has persuaded me for the Kiosk Banking The AISECT has accepted my proposal and requested the SBI to generate the code so the people of this area are covered under the Financial Inclusion. I have been allotted a Kiosk code no. 32810945 for the location PushprajGarh and I was thank full to both the organization SBI as well AISECT to provide me an opportunity for earning lively hood and also to serve my village. The AISECT has offered a kiosk Banking technology which is based on the internet connective and works on online basis .This system gives confident to the villagers that as it is a counter of the bank’ branch. My Kiosk was installed and activated in Oct. 2012. PMJDY AND ITS EFFECT The Prime Minister has made Financial Inclusion a National Agenda on 15th August2014 and it has changed the view of the people about my center. I have done the survey of all the peripheral villages adjoin to my center. I identified all the families not having any banking accounts. Thereafter, as suggested by the AISECT I also organize the camps with help of local government authorities for opening of Accounts. Prior to 15th August I was having a portfolio of 12399 acounts and transactions were of Rs.277.89 lacs. Deposit of Rs.164.41lacs.After the declaration of PMJDY everybody was inclined to open the accounts and I opened more than 8120 accounts as on date I have portfolio of 21000 customers and transactions worth Rs. 1138.62lacs. Deposits in these accounts are also hiked to Rs. 2.68 crores. I also educated to use the “RUPAY Debit” Cards and the benefits attached to it. I help the branch in pin mail delivery of “RUPAY Debit” cards.I have also worked for Pradhan MantriJivanJoytiBimaYojna and as many as 200 form were sourced. In addition to this I also insisted the customers of my center to get at least on Surkha Policy under the Pradhan MantriSurekshaBimaYouna of Rs. 12.00 as many as 2500 customers are covered under the scheme. I have also motivated the customers to opt for APY and as many as 50 customers have opted for APY. My Link Branch Pupsharajgarh code no. 12189 is 2 km away from my center .I have my all appreciation and thanks to the Branch Manager and its staff without them I would have not succeeded in achieving the goals and the confidence of the people. He is recently awarded as No. 1 CSP of the Bhopal Circle in the performance.

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